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NHK-FM “ベスト・オブ・クラシック” (2013年4月4日放送)

Lotus String Quartet

Brahms: String Quartet No.1 in C- minor op.51-1 (0:02:38)
Brahms: Clarinet Quintet in B-minor op.115 Cl: Sebastian Manz (0:38:55)
Mozart: 2.mov. from Clarinet Quintet in A-Major K.581 as the encore. (1:18:47)
Brahms: 3. & 4. mov. from String Quartet No.2 in A-minor op.51-2 (1:26:07)

Concert Venue & Date : Izumi Hall, Osaka, Dec.6. 2012.
This recording was broadcasted in NHK-FM Radio-program
" BEST OF CLASSIC" on April 4. 2013.

This concert was organized by Izumi Hall, Osaka &
Kojima Concert Management Co., Ltd.


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