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  Damian Iorio Review

Norrlands Opera
Weill - The Rise and Fall of Mahagonny
October 2016

"The conductor Damian Iorio led the singers, chorus and orchestra with an exemplary stick technique, bringing everyone to perform at the highest level. The conductor brought out the dramatic structure and minimised the score's flaws, getting the musical language to really contrast in all three acts. Iorio clearly knows the score in detail and conducted with a contagious spirit that everyone greatly enjoyed."

Bengt Hultman, Västerbottens Kuriren, 09/10/2016

BBC National Orchestra of Wales
April 2016

"Quite simply the best rendition of the music I have ever encountered"

"Even better was the final item on the programme, an absolutely stunning delivery of Respighi's Church Windows. And this performance was quite simply the best rendition of the music I have ever encountered. The dynamic range which Damian Iorio obtained from the orchestra was simply overwhelming; the concert is being broadcast on Radio 3 at some time in the next couple of weeks, but the engineers will have their work cut out to convey anything like the excitement generated in the hall."

Paul Corfield Godfrey, seenandheard-international.com, 26/04/2016

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
March 2016

"A stunning performance"
"A stunning performance of Bernstein's Symphonic Dances from West Side Story as well as a seriously competent interpretation of Respighi's Church Windows. The latter was exciting, dramatic, thoughtful and introspective. It's hard to think of all those adjectives imposed onto one performance but this was it. Iorio coaxed a great deal out of the RLPO and it worked. This was a stunning performance, too, of the Bernstein Symphonic Dances. Here was the RLPO in real party mood, making a huge sound, really letting their collective hair down and having a great time. A stunning end."

Glyn Mo Hughe, theartsdesk.com, 13/03/2016

Lahti Symphony Orchestra, Finland
September 2014

"A convincing debut"
"Conductor Damian Iorio was a pleasant acquaintance. Although his moves have temperament and artistic sensitivity, he doesn't resort to theatrical or physical exhortation. And his musicians respond to him. The end result are clear contours without any frailty, and a mutual interaction without any tonal unclarity."

Jari Pitkänen, Etel-Suomen Sanomat, 20/9/2014

Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland
March 2014

"OSI in top form, skillfully conducted by Damian Iorio"

"Both the orchestra and the conductor Damian Iorio were excellent in Mozart's Ouverture of La Clemenza di Tito and in Symphony no. 38 in D major K504. Iorio's conducting was precise and appropriate but never conventional, and his performance was distinguished by its intensity."

Alberto Cima, Corriere del Ticino, 24/03/2014

CD Review (4 stars) - The Guardian - Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali
November 2013

"I Pomeriggi Musicali's fine live performances are scrupulously conducted by Damian Iorio."

"Part of Naxos's 20th-century Italian classics series, this presents us with a pair of radically different mid-century triple concertos, though both, inevitably perhaps, glance back to Beethoven's famous prototype. Casella's concerto, dating from 1933, is usually described as neo-classical, though his quintessential synthesis of Mahler, Stravinsky and Italian baroque makes it utterly distinctive and compelling. Ghedini's austere 1945 Concerto dell'albatro (Concerto of the Albatross) is more experimental: the trio of soloists is joined by an actor reading the passage dealing with Ishmael's mystic encounter with the God-like albatross from Melville's Moby Dick. I Pomeriggi Musicali's fine live performances are scrupulously conducted by Damian Iorio. Violinist Paolo Ghidoni and cellist Pietro Bosna adopt a lyrical approach, in contrast to the more
overtly virtuosic playing from pianist Emanuela Piemonti. Carlo Doglioni Majer is the authoritative, if echoey speaker in the Ghedini."

Tim Ashley, The Guardian, 21/11/2013

Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León, Valladolid, Spain
January 2013

"OSCyL infected by the romance of Maisky and the energy of Damian Iorio"
"The other attractive addition of the concert was the conductor Damian Iorio ..... He immediately showed his personality with the vital impulse needed to get an excellent performance of the Overture to 'Ruslan and Lyudmila' by Glinka. ....... Then he attacked Shostakovich's Ninth Symphony showing his knowledge and decisiveness, a work that despite its short length maintains the identity of a composer who lived a constant struggle with political power. The changes of tempo, rhythmic pulse and sonic contrasts were well exposed under him by the soloists and all sections of the orchestra."

Emiliano Allende, El Norte de Castilla, 19/01/2013

Het Gelders Orkest, Arnhem, The Netherlands
December 2011

"...fortunately Damian lorio - no stranger to Het Gelders Orkest - was prepared to take the baton without changing the programme. And he did so with gusto."
"And then there was the 3rd Symphony by Mendelssohn....Under Iorio's leadership, the HGO was painting in colour, beautifully highlighted the contrasting voices and let the storm rage. The various solos (especially the wind instruments) were beautifully accentuated, the choice of tempo was outstanding. The exuberant applause was certainly justified."

Henk Slik, Stentor Gelders Dagblad, 03/12/2011

Orchestra CSI, Lugano, Switzerland
September 2011

"Splendid performances of Rossini and Brahms"
"Impressive start with the Ouverture from Guglielmo Tell by Rossini...Damian Iorio took great care with the quality of the sound and showed remarkable analytical qualities, underlining and giving due relevance to the structural elements of the work."
(Symphony no.1 in c minor, op.68 by Brahms)
" Conducted with both poetic sensitivity and rigorous accuracy, Damian Iorio's performance was admirable for the beautiful quality of the sound, the spacious breadth of the phrasing, the precision and clarity of the rhythm, the impeccable articulation, the depth of emotion, a remarkable sense of timing and a skilfully judged balance between lyrical moments and the more vigorous passages."

Alberto Cima, Corriere del Ticino, 20/09/2011

Puccini - La Boheme
Teatro Sociale, Como, Italy - October 2009

"... the Ango-Italian conductor Damian Iorio, who led a Bohème that was as fascinating and full of colour as a painting by Renoir."

Tages Anzeiger, 05/10/2009

Orchestra Sinfonica Milano Giuseppe Verdi, Milan, Italy
November 2008

"Enormous success of the conductor Damian Iorio with the Verdi Orchestra"
"Vivid colours, brilliant effects and dreamlike sonorities were the dominant characteristics of the concert given by the Verdi Orchestra and the Anglo Italian conductor Damian Iorio in front of a packed audience at the Milan Auditorium on 23rd November 2008..."
"Showing remarkable attention to detail and refinement of taste this charismatic and gifted young conductor captivated the audience."
"After a most interesting and enjoyable concert the enthusiastic audience thanked the performers with warm and sustained applause."


Britten - The Rape of Lucretia
Central City Opera, Colorado, USA - June 2008

"Lucretia' impeccably presented"
Rocky Mountain News

"Central City Opera at new height - Production of 'Rape of Lucretia' a triumph"
Daily Camera

"Sublime" Beethoven with Iorio and Kovacevich
Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana - Nov 2003

"Extraordinary success at the Politeama for the concert of the two artists"
"On Friday evening at the Politeama Theatre (Palermo) we witnessed a great evening of music and an exceptional performance by the Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana An outstanding young conductor, Damian Iorio, inspired the orchestra in one of the best performances that we have ever heard. In the Beethoven Concerto Damian Iorio's energetic conducting was heroic and even exhilarating. The characteristics (of Dvoraks 9th Symphony) were vividly brought out by Iorio, who gave a remarkable reading of the score and showed an exceptional respect for the composers intentions. There was very enthusiastic applause from the public for both conductor and orchestra."

La Sicilia

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