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  Chloë Hanslip Review

(Ongaku no Tomo, July 2018)
Japan Century Symphony Orchestra (225thsubscription concert)
31 May 2018, The Symphony Hall

Joseph Wolfe
(conductor) , Chloe Hanslip (violin)
Beethoven: Coriolan Overture, Violin Concerto, and Symphony No. 4

Young and distinguished Englishman Wolfe appeared at the conductor's podium for the 4thtime with the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra. Through this all-Beethoven programme, I also got why there's increased attention on him. He demonstrated the rationality inherited from his father Sir Colin Davis, but also demonstrated originality by freely creating music-making at every turn. He duly carried out the instructions in the score but did not stick heavily to them, not even for the 'ff' passages. For example, in the Coriolan Overture, he made minute changes to the dynamics of the semiquaver increments in the stringed instruments, in response to the pitch. In the 1stmovement of the Symphony No. 4, Wolfe also rendered bar 3 into the main part from the prelude to sub.p, on the back of the 1st beat. He was thorough in bringing out a well-defined expression, which brought out liveliness.
Hanslip, the soloist for the Violin Concerto, enchanting with a beautiful sound whose high position had a particular gloss, was also comparable to Wolfe in fertile creativity. She chose the Joachim version of the cadenza, with no showboating in the approach itself. However, this was a freshly spun weave of vibrant music. The orchestra was also graceful and dainty, as if enjoying a dialogue with her. Wolfe also employed thrilling contrivances at every turn, such as from bar 315 onwards in the 1stmovement, where he made the phrasing of the bassoon stand out, thus setting it in contrast to the violin solo. Yep, it was interesting.
By Hajime TERADA

Leeds International Concert Season/Tchetuev - Beethoven Violin Sonata No 8, Medtner Violin Sonata No 1, Brahms Violin Sonata No 3, Stravinsky Suite Italienne
" ...the performance worked magnificently. The incredible precision and measured accuracy of their playing was faultless. Chloë Hanslip delivered physical artistry in her performance and clearly enjoyed sharing a historical programme of violin music with the astonishing musicianship of pianist, Igor Tchetuev."

Aalborg Symfoniorkester/Gamba - Britten Violin Concerto

" Hanslip plays with an utterly impressive authority whilst simultaneously holding an expression that brings a vibrant intensity to every note."
Nordjyske 24 September 2011

BBC PROMS BBC Concert Orchestra/Lockhart - Morricone Cinema Paradiso Theme, Williams Main Theme from Schindler's List

" Violinist Chloë Hanslip's sweet-toned enticements hit all the right notes of vulnerability and poignancy."
The Independent 13 August 2011

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Nowak - Prokofiev Violin Concerto No 2

" This is wonderful music and tonight's soloist, the 22-year-old Chloë Hanslip, played it exquisitely. What an extraordinarily gifted violinist she is - you could not imagine a more committed and thoughtful performance. She does quite wonderful things with every phrase - it's an absolute joy."
Seen and Heard International 14 April 2011

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Slatkin - Prokofiev Violin Concerto No 2

From the eloquent solo opening, it was clear she was in complete sympathy with this 1935 work that mixes a broad romantic sweep with Shostakovich-like Soviet anxiety. Her delight in the concerto's extensive arsenal of mood-changes made the music leap off the page in an extraordinarily vivid and infectious way, and gave her ample opportunity to communicate the charismatic virtuosity of her playing. Her phrasing breathes naturally, and she cast the sort of long, opulent line that must have the pantheon of great romantic violinists murmuring their approval. She was at her complex, inquisitive best in the ravishing slow movement, giving its Romeo and Juliet-inflected lyricism an unsettling, distracted quality that evoked the spirit of Mahler. On the evidence of this concerto alone, Hanslip is a player in the 'old souls' category, an artist of exceptional musicianship, with a wisdom and grace beyond her years.
Classicalsource.com 18 May 2010

Moscow State Symphony Orchestra/Kogan - Glass Violin Concerto

'Philip Glass's minimalist Violin Concerto is certainly an acquired taste, but put it into the hands of the phenomenal Chloë Hanslip, and its haunting quality is irresistible. Still only 22 she has a staggering technique that dealt easily with the mercurial passages, her intonation so exact, and energy levels digging her deep into her violin when adding to orchestral tutti passages.
Yorkshire Post 14 May 2010

'...performed with such vivacity by Chloë Hanslip. It is not a virtuosic work but Hanslip ensured that the second movement's slow sinuous theme was elegant, yet erotic, while the cadenza-like duet with timpani- Glass's nod and wink to Beethoven's concerto perhaps- was excellent.' Birmingham Post 14 May 2010

Moscow State Symphony Orchestra/Kogan - Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto

This was an impressive and satisfying performance of one of the canonical concertos. Hanslip played it with consistent beauty of tone and with a lyrical expressiveness that was never merely self-serving....This was, in some respects, a particularly intimate reading of the work, in which there was a pleasing sense of conversation between soloist and orchestra, the two contributing to a coherence of musical argument not always achieved in performances of this work.
Seen and Heard 12 May 2010

BBC National Orchestra of Wales/Thierry Fischer - Holt Witness to a Snow Miracle, Cardiff

'The music has an extraordinary immediacy, and soloist Chloë Hanslip did indeed play with the conviction of one possessed, boosted perhaps by the symbolism of the blood-red soles of her Louboutin shoes.'
***** The Guardian, 1 Nov 2009

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Mogrelia - Hubay Violin Concerto's I and II (CD)

'Chloë Hanslip brings her distinctive beauty of tone and virtuosity to Hubay...her generous sweetness of tone is well displayed here also and is more than a match for all the virtuoso fireworks
Gramophone Nov 09

'Hanslip's radiant artistry and phrasal sensitivity is highly seductive...such is her mastery of line, deeply-felt sincerity and glorious tonal opulence that she could easily be mistaken for Itzhak Perlman at his mid-1970s peak. Few violinists of the younger generation sound totally at ease employing these techniques, yet for Hanslip they seem to come entirely naturally...when played with such infectious dash and sparkle as here they sound almost freshly minted.'
***** BBC Music Magazine 09

Umea Symphony Orchestra/Rumon Gambaハ- Britten Violin Concerto, Sweden

'The young British violinist Chloë Hanslip turned out to be an extraordinarily talented musician, one that no doubt will compete with the world's foremost violinists. Her technical command is wonderful and is perceived as perfectly in the service of the interpretation. Each note is burning hot and melodious but also achingly aggressive when Britten intended. She has an ability to tie the lines of the work together while lovingly intonating her violin with taste at all times.
Västerbottens-kuriren 17 Oct 2009

Vienna Tonkünstler Orchester/Mikhail Jurowski - Britten Violin Concerto

The arrival of the young British violinist Chloë Hanslip, performing Britten's relentlessly intense Violin Concerto, was eagerly anticipated by the Musikverein audience. This former child prodigy has outgrown that label, and movingly demonstrated her maturation into a serious artist. Wiener Zeitung Mar 2009

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra/Paavo Järvi - Prokofiev Violin Concerto No 1

'She projected a soulful tone in the great opening melody, crouching and swaying as she played. Her playing in the brilliant scherzo was full of impressive feats, and she tackled it fearlessly....in the finale, she soared into the stratosphere with great beauty.
Cincinnati Inquirer 17 Nov 2008

Bazzini works for violin and piano - with Caspar Frantz (CD)

'Hanslip certainly has the confidence and technique for the repertoire: more importantly, she's able to engage with each piece, bringing out its particular expressive character. Hanslip's musical personality, graceful and with spontaneous verve, brings everything to life.'
Gramophone 2008

Godard Concertos- Slovak State Philharmonic/Kirk Trevor (CD)

'Chloë Hanslip is in her element, making the most of the showy passagework, enjoying finding the right tone of voice for the different styles of melody - elegiac, sensuous or graceful - and attacking with passion the dramatic recitatives that join the movements of the concerto romantique.
Gramophone April 2008

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Slatkin - Prokofiev Violin Concerto No 1, Cadogan Hall London

'Coaxing an impressive range of dynamics, colours and depth of tone from her instrument, Hanslip totally engaged with the music from the outset. Her full vibrato complimented perfectly the work's more lyrical sections....it was a credit to her that she seemed willing (and able) to treat the performances as a partnership rather then a duel'.
Classical Source 7 Nov 2007

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Slatkin - Adams Violin Concerto (CD)

'The richness and clarity of her tone is beyond learning and she demonstrates such profound empathy for John Adam's 1993 Violin Concerto...This is the sort of performance that secures a reputation for life.'
Gramophone Oct 2006

'The blossoming career of the gifted young violinist Chloë Hanslip has been a delight to watch in recent years. This characterful performer has worked assiduously at her technique and range of tone, and her spirited playing can safely be described as both versatile and mature. Here she offers a typically imaginative programme, in which every item brings its own delights.
The Strad Oct 2006

'Her new image shouts that Hanslip, has become her own person. The violin playing tells us this too. It was always secure in tone, unaffected; but the authority and depth displayed in this release of American music puts Hanslip on quite a different level. She seems the complete artist, able to rival well-established players with subtleties of expression and a firm grasp of what the music needs....Hanslip's version is the most persuasive yet.
The Times Sept 2006

Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra/Jansons - Sibelius Violin Concerto, Munich

Jansons' soloist in Sibelius's Violin Concerto was the beguiling Chloë Hanslip, a sizzling young product of the Yehudi Menuhin School. Hanslip produces a full-blooded sound: her wide-spaced vibrato and powerful resonances rendered her an expressive, idiosyncratic advocate of the Sibelius: intense, passionate, not without cheeky waywardness. Her dazzling technical proficiency made sparks fly in the finale. Hanslip's high spirits whipped you along: tussling with timpani and bassoon, teasing out the allegro's long-lined big tune, slyly echoing herself in the adagio, or sweeping up to the laughing harmonics in the finale, she delighted the Munich audience.
The Independent Oct 2005

'She is without doubt an extraordinary talent. The extreme demands of this piece, dotted with double-stops, trill-melody-combination, many unaccompanied cadenzas, solo passages and rhythmic finesse were hardly a problem for her.'
GasteigFrankfurter Allgemeine 8 Oct 2005

Chloe Hanslip has a wonderful, gentle, supple tone and right from the first entry, managed to seduce over the whirring, whispering level of the orchestra
Suddeutsche Zeitung, 8 Oct 2005

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